Zhimble Rebranding

QSN old logo

The Challenge

If you want to transform the culture in a company, a mechanistic approach won’t get you very far. Zhimble’s consultants are experts in involving the hearts and minds of people working in Industry. They have helped transform the culture of dozens of chemical plants, with amazing success in both employee involvement and resulting revenues. Zhimble challenged me to design a visual identity reflecting their view on company culture.

Zhimble new logo

The Solution

I designed a dynamic visual identity, based around one simple metaphor: a flock of birds. It has no leader, yet no accidents happen, the birds fly in the most exquisite patterns and know exactly where they are going. It’s a great example of what Zhimble calls Leadership at every Level. In the movie below, you can enjoy the magical movements of birds. To create it, I developed software emulating a flock of birds – providing an infinite amount of flocking footage.


identity in print

Correspondence set, business cards, brochures, image-bank, illustration assets.

brand brochure

This high-end corporate brochure about the Zhimble brand explains the company’s why, how and what in a compelling way.

download pdf • 4Mb

identity online

Frontend websdesign for the corporate website, animations, e-newsletter templates, presentation slides, letter-templates.

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