Hello, I’m Bart van der Griendt, a seasoned graphic designer based in the Netherlands. Let me define myself in a few keywords: sharply analytical, great communicator, websavvy, lector, emphatic, perfectionistic, problem-solving, easily fascinated, highly contagious.

Corporate identity

I’ve designed over 30 corporate identity systems, ranging from a broadcasting organisation to a chemical industry consultancy firm – and everything in between. See an example.

Infographics & Data Visualization

Every dataset has a story to tell. I can find it for you. Combinining statistical experience and creative imagination, I design attractive infographics and data vizualisations.

Interaction design

Einsteins quote says it all: ‘Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.’ I create high-end interaction designs that put the friend in userfriendly.

Typographical finesse

Your online or printed message is more successful if your audience reads and understands it easily. I deliver high-end typographical communication, ranging from financial reports to novels.


Business to Business Clients


Non Profit Clients


Cultural Clients

Years of Experience

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